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Hamburgers and Golf Courses and Fortune Cookies, Oh my

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This past weekend I made cupcakes for both a birthday party and a graduation party. Cory, the graduate, is an avid golfer and a cheeseburger enthusiast. So I flipped through cookbooks until I found the perfect recipe for golf cupcakes. Believe it or not, there are a lot of them. My favorite, and the one I chose to use, came from a book called What’s New, Cupcake. I made about a thousand (two-dozen, actually, but it seemed like a thousand) yellow cupcakes. Yellow cake is Cory’s favorite. If you want to learn how to make these, check out the aforementioned book, or visit the author’s website This book/website is what really triggered my interest in cupcakes. The sand is crushed Nilla wafers, the green is green-frosted cupcakes rolled in green sugar, and the rough is green frosting. To make the rough, I individually piped each blade of grass. To make the golf tee, I frosted one smartie and placed it on top of a piece of candy-coated licorice. The flag is one pretzel stick with a piece of Fruit by the Foot on the top. In my cupcakes, instead of using white gumballs for the golf balls, I used white Sixlets that I picked up at the local bulk candy store. Here is the picture of my finished golf course:
Next, I set out to create my own brilliant cupcake recipe. Based on Cory’s interests, cheeseburgers were really the only option. However, I couldn’t come up with any way to make cheese, so I just made hamburger cupcakes. I whipped up a box of yellow cake mix and 1 box of chocolate cake mix. Make sure to let the cupcakes cool completely before attempting to frost/decorate/transform them. Once they are cool, remove the liners (if you used them) and cut all the yellow cupcakes in half, and half of the chocolate ones in half. The two halves of the yellow cupcake will be the hamburger bun, and one half of a chocolate cupcake will be the patty. Mix some red food coloring into vanilla frosting to make “ketchup,” and spread the ketchup on the top half of the “bun.” To make lettuce, I used green Laffy Taffy, but I imagine any chewy green candy will work. To soften them, place several laffy taffys in the microwave ON WAX PAPER for 2-3 seconds. If they still aren’t soft enough to mold, then place them in for another 2 seconds. Trust me on the wax paper. I am going to be cleaning laffy taffy out of my microwave for the next 2 months. Roll one Laffy Taffy into a ball and smush it between your palms. Warning: you and everything you touch are going to be very sticky. Stretch and pull the laffy taffy until it is about the same diameter as the cupcake. Assemble the burgers. If you come up with any awesome ideas for cheese, leave me a comment. Here are my finished burgers:


Lastly, for Chelsea’s birthday, I thought the fortune cookies would be really cute. I made a box of yellow cupcakes. Once they were cool, I used a piping bag with a tip I got at the craft store to fill the cupcakes with chocolate icing. Then, I frosted the tops of the cupcakes with vanilla icing. Simple enough. Or so I thought until I tried to make the fortune cookies. First, you’ll need about 48 chewy caramel candies. When you buy these, they will likely be wrapped individually. You’ll need to unwrap all of them. Place several on wax paper and place in the microwave for 2-3 seconds at a time until they are soft but not gooey. Mash 2 together then roll them into a ball. Flatten the ball, then insert any message you want inside the cookie. For mine, I printed “Happy birthday, Chelsea!” then cut them into tiny strips. Next, fold the ends of the caramel together to form a hollow half-moon shape. Then bend it a bit to form the fortune cookie shape. Repeat until you have 24 fortune cookies. Place one on each cupcake and voila! I also got this recipe from What’s New Cupcake. Here’s the finished product:

The recipe says to use white cupcake liners, but I used fun pink ones from the craft store to make them a bit more interesting and girly. Also, don’t get discouraged if your fortune cookies collapse or look like a blob. I redid about half of mine, and I still think only half of them actually looked like fortune cookies. If they collapse after you’ve formed them, the caramel is probably still too warm to hold its shape. Wait a minute or two for the caramel to cool and harden a bit more, then try again.
That’s all for now!
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