Change of Plans

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Well, this originally started out as a blog about my baking adventures, but, truth be told, I simply don’t have enough time to bake often enough for this to work. And when I do bake something I’m proud of, I usually forget to take a picture. So, instead of a baking blog, this is just going to be a blog about some of my favorite things. Law school puts me in a bit of  a grouchy mood from August through May (to say the least), so I am going to follow the advice Julie Andrews: “When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.” With that being said, here are a few things that make me smile as I sit here in the law library on this particularly rainy and dreary day:

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it, except the fact that it leads in winter. And autumn here in Ohio is so beautiful. I love driving through the Metroparks when all of the leaves are changing.


I am in love with these Ciao Bella boots. I usually don’t like to combine brown and black (even though Clinton Kelly says you can on What Not to Wear). But I am so drawn to these for some reason. I just think they are beautiful, and they look far more expensive than they actually are. I’m ordering a pair this week. DSW sells them for less than $100, which is a total steal for a pair of nice boots.


These owl cupcakes are just so cute and whimsical. I can’t really think of an event that would seem appropriate for owl cupcakes, but they are just so fun.


Margaritas! I love a good, frozen margarita. The Mad Cactus in Strongsville, Ohio has the best margaritas in the world. Margaritas remind of summer, which is particularly nice to think about during the long, cold winters in Ohio.


I love this colorful row of buildings in Curacao, a little island off the coast of Venezuela. I plan on visiting as soon as I am no longer a poor law student.


This bag is the current object of my desire. It’s the Mulberry Bayswater Satchel, and I think it is stunning. It is roomy, timeless, and so versatile. It is closet staple, but at $1,050 (as seen on, I think this one may have to wait until I’ve graduated and gotten a big girl job….and probably a few promotions.

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