My Lastest Purchase

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Last weekend was community-wide garage/yard sale week in my fiance’s home town. While I’m not typically a garage-sale shopper, I did walk through one of the neighborhoods with Cory’s grandma. At one of the houses, I hit the jackpot: There was a beautiful vintage trunk that people used to carry on the train. The woman told me she thought it was from the very early 1900s. I have been looking for a vintage trunk just like this one to use as a coffee table in our new house (although, technically, the house isn’t “ours” until we get the keys in December). It was beautiful, but it was also priced a bit higher than I intended to spend. I told the woman I would think about it and come back in an hour or so. BIG mistake! If you ever see somthing vintage-y that may be one of a kind, DO NOT walk away without offering the seller $5 or $10 to hold it for you. When I went back to buy the trunk, it had already sold. Lucky for me, I found one 24 hours later that I liked even better. While it needs a good cleaning and some new leather handles, I am confident that this will make a lovely coffee table once I move into the house.

{Can’t to see how it looks in the living room!}


{Casey, Cory’s parents’ dog, inspecting the trunk, which is stamped Cleveland, O. Love it!}

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