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Sample Sale Extravaganza

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I spend a significant amount of time trolling sample sale websites, and, let me tell you, they consistently have some amazing deals. Below, I’ve outlined my favorites, the ones that I check out every single day. I highly recommend that you check them out, too! They offer clothing, food, travel, home decor, and all sorts of other treasures for significantly discounted prices. Alot of the merchandise is designer, but without the designer price. Most of them require an invitation to join, but I’ve got you covered. Below each one I’ve included my personal invitation link. They’re all free to join, and I promise you’ll love them!

1. RueLala:

This is my favorite of the sample sale websites to which I belong. They offer a few sales at any given time, but the brands are usually very well-known, and the discounts are deep. My favorite is the Sunday Night Style-athon. Every Sunday night, they have one giant sale that encompasses a whole bunch of designers and brands. To join, click here.

2. Gilt:

Gilt, in my opinion, is the high-end sample sale site. The brands that they offer are typically quite luxurious, and extremely high quality. Gilt offers substantial discounts, and they have affiliate sites for menswear, children, gifts, travel, home decor, food and city experiences. Even if you don’t buy anything, I always find it quite enjoyable to peruse their offerings. To join Gilt, click here.

3. Haute Look:

Haute Look offers lots of up and coming designers and brands. I’ve found the prices here to be a bit more affordable, but the product offerings are still really great. They have a lot of sales on hair styling tools and other beauty products. This is also my favorite sample sale site to find travel deals. To join Haute Look, click here.
4. Beyond the Rack

Beyond the Rack offers a mix of high end luxury pieces with more affordable pieces. Currently, they have Jimmy Choo handbags and Diane von Furstenburg sunglasses, along with a big sale on summer dresses from various brands. I’ve found that they have Gucci and Burberry sales fairly regularly, but I’ve also found some awesome shoes for less than $40. To join Beyond the Rack, click here.

5. Ideeli

Ideeli is a really great site to find fun jewelry at huge discounts. This is my favorite sample sale website for accessories. Closer to Christmas, you can find cashmere scarves and sweaters here for really good prices. Right now, they have Missoni scarves on sale. To join Ideeli, click here.

6. Editor’s Closet

Editor’s Closet usually only runs 2 or 3 sales at a time, but when they have “The Walk In,” you really don’t want to miss out. This sale is HUGE, with items from luxury designers, as well has up and coming designers, and all the items are subject to deep discounts. To join Editor’s Closet, click here.

I’d love to hear what great deals you find. Leave me a comment or post on the Sugar and Chiffon facebook page about the treasures you find from these websites (or others!). Happy shopping!

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