Friday Fancies

Our first light-dusting of snow of the season

Time to break out the Uggs!

Our new home! I can't wait to get the landscaping cleaned's quite overgrown.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. I've got a ton of studying to do since my final exams start next week, and Cory will be spending the weekend working on the house. The inside is pretty bad right now (i.e. the kids that lived here were allowed to grafitti their bedroom walls), but I'll be posting pictures as we fix things up. Also, tomorrow night we are attending our first, and possibly only, holiday party of the season. I have no idea what to wear since it is more of a casual gathering, but I'll have pictures next week of my "casual holiday party outfit."
Have a great weekend!


  1. I wore my Uggs this week for the first time too. Happy, happy feet.

    Your house looks great!! And it looks like there's a TON of room - can't wait to see how you transform it!

  2. Thank you, Catherine! It's pretty big, but it is a mess on the inside right now. Lots of cleaning and painting to do before I move in. I can't wait to post before/after pics!


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