Hair How-To: Loose, Beachy Waves

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*I posted this same post back in December, but I’ve gotten a few emails about how I get my hair beachy-curly, so I thought I’d repost- especially since warm weather is getting closer! (Yayyy!)

I am already looking forward to summertime- warm weather, breezy beach hair, and pool time! Even though it is only February, tousled waves complement nearly any outfit, no matter what time of year. Plus, you’ll save so much time/energy with this hair routine that you can spend extra time planning your perfect outfit. Great hair and a great outfit, all while being ready on time? Yes, please!

As soon as you finish washing your hair, spray with a beach spray. I use the one above, but I think it may have been discontinued. My other favorite one is by Frederic Fekkai (it’s called Summer Hair Beach Waves, I think), but it is only sold seasonally, and I always run out by fall! Spray your hair liberally, then wrap your hair turban-style in a clean t-shirt. This will help your hair soak up the spray, and a tshirt is much softer on your hair than a towl. Softer fabric = less frizz.
Let your hair air dry about 25%, then respray with the beach spray, and scrunch hair with a tshirt. Continue to scrunch your hair with the tshirt every 5-10 minutes until your hair is about 75% dry. Then don’t touch it! Once your hair is pretty dry, the more you touch it, the frizzier it will be.
Once hair is completely dry, touch up straight spots with a curling iron. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around a closed curling iron. Hold it for just a second, then release. If you hold it too long, the curl will be too smooth and perfect. The goal here is messy and tousled.
Rake your fingers through your hair and shake it up to separate the curls.
Finish with a frizz-fighting serum. This one from Organix (get it here or at CVS) smells absolutely heavenly.
Now go pick out your outfit and impress your mom/friends/significant other/boss with your punctuality!

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