Red Pencil Skirt + Leopard Belt- SIX Ways

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Red Pencil Skirt

So, this post was actually supposed to go with yesterday’s, but since I had to update the blog via my mobile device, I couldn’t figure out how to post 2 Polyvore sets in one post. So, consider this an addendum to yesterday’s post: Red Pencil Skirt + Leopard Belt – SIX Ways! I am this close to buying a leopard-print belt (and a red pencil skirt, for that matter), but first I have to find the perfect one. All in good time.

Today was a crazy day because I was running all over my new town trying to get application materials together for a legal internship. The deadline to apply was today. Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute. In my defense, I had every intention of applying earlier, but my computer issues put a damper on my good intentions. So I went to the local library for the first time today, and it is basically the same size as Houston, Texas. Then, I went to the post office to mail my application and when I whipped my wallet out of my purse, I subsequently flung a tampon through the building, in front of the line of 20ish patrons. Greatttt. Needless to say, I’m drinking a glass of wine and watching reality tv tonight.

On the computer front, I took my computer to the Geek Squad today, and they told me that the hard drive in my computer has gone bad. Lucky for me, my wonderful fiance saved the day by giving me his next-to-new laptop. So, quite literally, this blog post would not have been possible without Cory.
Alice In The Eve ruffle top, $70
Jason Wu shirts blouse, £355
Ruched top, £50
Oasis slit skirt, $27
Steve Madden platform shoes, $90
Animal print belt, £20

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