Ombre Pink Cupcakes

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Last weekend I went to my first baby shower. It was actually for one of Cory’s co-workers, and we were asked to bring a dessert. I decided to make some girly pink cupcakes. I mixed up my favorite white cupcake recipe, then separated the batter into 3 small containers. I used red food coloring to tint each of the 3 bowls of batter a different shade of pink. Then I spooned the batter into the cupcake pan each shade at a time, layer by layer. Unfortunately, my middle shade of pink got lost as the cupcakes baked, but I still think they turned out cute! I tinted some vanilla frosting and white sprinkles pink*, added some white sprinkles, and then placed the cupcakes in cute little tulip cupcake wraps that I found at my local craft store. The result: perfectly pink cupcakes for a baby shower for a girl!
*To tint sprinkles, place the white sprinkles (or plain sugar) into a ziplock bag with a few drops of food coloring in the color of your choice. Seal the bag and shake it until all the sprinkles are colored. Spread them out in a single layer on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Store them in an air-tight container.

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