Don't worry, I haven't given up blogging. Life has just been especially chaotic right now, so I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from writing. I never want this blog to feel like work (instead of fun), so when things get crazy around here, I think its best to just take a break. The past four weeks have been jam-packed with paper-writing, long study sessions, final exams (which, in law school, are your only grade for any given course), two bridal showers, cleaning my house after it reached Hoarders-caliber messiness from said final exam period, and now I'm attempting to unpack and organize all the new goodies we got at the bridal showers. The past 2 days I've finally taken the time to relax and watch ungodly amounts of CSI and Criminal Minds. Next week I start my summer legal associate position with a local company, and I plan to jump back in the saddle and get back into the habit of blogging. So I'll see you next week!

New shoes!

Thanks for reading! See you Monday!

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