How To: Soft Romantic Curls With a Curling Wand

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Here it is….my first video blog post (aka vlog). I figured it would be far easier to explain how I curl my hair in a video than with pictures. Since this is the first video tutorial I’ve ever made, I was a little nervous and felt super awkward since my husband was sitting in the next room while I talked to my camera about curling my hair. Apparently, when I get nervous, I blind the camera with the light from my curling iron, and I say really awkward things like “start by turning your curling wand on,” (duh!) and “thanks you for watching.”
So, if you are in the market to learn how to curl your hair and you would like to chuckle at my awkwardness at the same time, then this is the video for you!

Finished curls (also see here)
Thanks you for watching/reading!
* In the video:
Gap vest (last year)
The Limited shirt
Rusk w8less Plus hairspray
Remington Curling Wand

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