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{last day of high school}
This weekend I’m heading to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with my family there. I am so excited to be reunited with family and high-school friends that I haven’t seen in so long. I can’t wait to eat at Eskimo Joe’s, shop at the Wooden Nickel, and visit all of my other favorite places that are exclusive to Stillwater. I am especially excited to drive around town to see how much it has changed since I moved to Ohio after high school. It’s usually a little bittersweet, because I’m always so astounded by how different it is from the way I remember it. But I’ll always call Stillwater home.
This trip is especially bittersweet because it will be the first time I’ve visited since my grandfather passed away in March. I can’t even imagine visiting Oklahoma without getting to see him, but that’s a reality I finally have to face this week.
I know it will be difficult, but, lucky for me, I’ve got great friends there who always know how to cheer me up and remind me that life is too short not to enjoy every second of it. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from high school and my past trips home. Have a great weekend!

{eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant}
{my baby sister, who is now taller than me!}
{summer before college, in San Diego- and an incorrect time stamp}
{8th grade cheer squad….clearly still in my awkward phase}
{best friends!}

{summer before college, hiking at Torrey Pines}

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