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Cookies and Cream Fudge Sundae Brownies

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These brownies are pretty much the most decadent dessert I have ever made/tasted. I am the world’s greatest chocoholic, but I could only eat 1/2 of one of these brownies at a time because they were so rich and sweet. But that’s a good thing! I started with this recipe, but I used a 9×13 pan, 3/4 a bag of chocolate chips, and I added quite a bit more hot fudge (as in,the whole jar, minus the spoonful I ate right out of the jar…It’s finals, guys. Anything goes.).


1 box brownie mix (plus eggs and oil as called for on box, omit the water)
3/4 jar of hot fudge (warmed so it blends better)
1/2 cup of cookies and cream ice cream (softened or totally melted blends best)
1 package of Oreos
1 package of chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate)
Pam spray to prepare the pan

Preheat the oven as directed on the box of brownie mix. Combine the brownie mix, eggs, oil, hot fudge, ice cream and about 1/4 of a bag of chocolate chips.
Pour half of the batter into the prepared pan. Layer the Oreos on top. The Oreos are the best part because they stay nice and soft even after the brownies are a day or two old. So good!
Slowly drizzle the rest of the batter over the Oreos, doing your best to cover the cookies completely. You have to drizzle it over them because you can’t really spread the top layer of brownie mix without moving all of the cookies, and I’m all about equal distribution of the ingredients. Sprinkle the top with chocolate chips, about 1/2 a bag. Bake according to the directions on the brownie mix.
Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and giant glass of ice cold milk, and watch your (law school) problems melt away.
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