Friday Fancies: New Camera

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On New Year’s Eve, my first SLR camera was delivered to our house. I squealed when the doorbell rang because I knew it was the FedEx guy…and he probably thinks that I’m totally psychotic now. Whatever. Since it was delivered, the camera has been glued to my hands. I’m pretty sure I’ve only put it down to sleep and eat. I am seriously amazed by this thing. I’ve gone room to room in our house taking pictures of everything- here are a few of my favorites. Oh, and remember that one time I said I would try not to overload this blog with pictures of my dog, Brady? Yeah, that’s going out the window today. Sorry.

{Brady in his sweater (similar)}
{My Mom’s earrings that were given to me the night before the wedding}
{Foley + Corinna tote}

{Armani watch in Cory’s collection}

{My new Kate Spade bracelet, thanks to my friend Stephanie!}
{‘Til next year…}
{Casey, the in-law’s dog: “Elf in Training”}

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