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{Pretty pink sunset}
I’m happy to report that this week was significantly better than last week. Not that last week was that bad, there was just one day that was a little rough. I was in class, and my professor asked a question. I went against my golden rule and raised my hand, volunteering the answer. If I have learned anything in law school, it is this: Never volunteer an answer, because you will always be wrong. But I did it anyway. He asked me to come to the chalkboard and write out the formula we had learned the week before. I started writing, and then….I blanked. I couldn’t remember the last letter of the equation. I started to get hot and sweaty, and I could feel my face turning red. I could feel all my peers judging me for my stupidity (even though they were probably all on Facebook and not paying any attention to me). I wanted to run out of the room and all the way home and dive face-first onto my couch like this and spend the day having a pity party with my three friends Ben, Jerry, and Dr. Pepper (diet). Instead, I went back to my seat and went on with my day, which included getting cold called on three more times. Fantastic.
Nevertheless, I survived. This week, I didn’t volunteer any answers, nor did I get called on, so it was a solid improvement on last week.
You win some, you lose some.
Have a great weekend!


{Tory Burch Ts in the snow}


{New K-cup holder. Eventually I want to get a larger one with a decorative lid}
{Tackle box full of fish-shaped candy to “reel in” your valentine (via Target)}


{Interesting selection of chocolates from Wild Opehlia}

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