Memorial Day Weekend

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I spent part of the holiday weekend back in my great home state of Oklahoma. As much as I love visiting the place where I grew up, it was a little bittersweet this time, as the purpose of the trip was to attend a memorial service for my grandmother who passed away a short time ago. However, the trip was also full of lots of fun moments, like getting to see my best friends from high school who I usually only see once (or less) per year, getting to spend lots of quality time with out-of-state relatives, and getting to meet Mae for coffee and blog/law talk.
On Saturday, we attended a memorial service to remember those veterans who have passed. There, we got to celebrate the life of my late grandfather who passed away a year ago. This memorial service was held at a cemetery where there was one American flag for each veteran who was buried there or who was being remembered by family in attendance at the service. There were over 3,000 flags flying that day. It was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. (It’s times like these that I really wish I had a wide-angle camera lens to capture everything that my eyes can see and not just the narrow scope of my prime lens!)
Since we were donating a new flag to honor my grandfather, a WWII vet, we got to go out during the ceremony and clip a flag bearing his name to a flag pole. Then, all at once, the announcer told all the families donating new flags to raise their flags. A bag piper started playing and they released cages of doves as we raised the flags. It gave me goosebumps. It was absolutely beautiful.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a single picture with my friends or with Mae, but I did take my fair share of photos from the veterans’ memorial service. These are just a few of my favorites from that day.
Have a great weekend!


I’m planning to enter these photos into a photo contest held by the cemetery/funeral home where this memorial service was held. I get to enter up to 3 pictures, but I can’t decide which 3 are my favorite…So leave me a comment and let me know which 3 of these photos are your top picks!

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