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As I creep a little bit closer to my thirties, I know that I need to start establishing a really great skincare/beauty routine and taking better care of my skin if I want it to remain wrinkle-free for as long as possible.  Part of my new regimen is including more organic and all-natural products and trying to weed out more of the chemicals and parabens- all the bad stuff.
I read something the other day regarding modern eating habits that really stuck with me: When we eat something that has chemicals in it, like pesticide on a piece of a fruit, scientists believe that eating that small amount of the chemicals in that product is safe. But what if you eat an apple with chemical A and then drink a soda full of other chemicals? What kind of chemical reaction is going to happen in your stomach when all those chemicals are combined?
I think the same idea applies to what we put on our bodies, as we know that anything put on the skin is absorbed by the body. It sounded pretty scary to me, treating my body as a big science experiment full of unknown chemical reactions, so I’ve started to incorporate more natural and organic products into my daily routine to minimize that effect. (And someday, I swear, I’ll stop drinking Diet Coke.)
Here are a few of my current favorite natural products:


I think I’ve said before that I don’t really get excited about cleansers because…well, it’s just soap. But this Yes to Tomatoes cleanser has been working wonders on my skin. I apply a tiny bit to my Clarisonic, and cleanse for a minute or two. This cleanser, in conjunction with the  Boscia Detox Mask 1-2 times each week and daily use of the Origins toner have nearly eliminated my breakouts. In the event I get a blemish, the Mario Badesco Drying Cream is my go-to. It is tinted beige, so you can wear it under your normal foundation. I also put a big glob of it on right before bed. Works like a charm.
Hydrating Serum (on sale!!) c/o Lucky and Seventh Generation
When I was offered a bottle of Seventh Generation’s new all-natural skin-boosting serums, I was more than a little excited to try a new, healthy product. The serums come in various blends to serve a variety of skin needs: Hydrating (the one I tried), Soothing, Clearing, Firming, Revitalizing, and Protecting. Each one is free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances and is hypoallergenic.
The serum has the consistency of a thick oil, and it goes on so smooth. It feels like a treat to moisturize now, which keeps me from forgetting/skipping this step in my routine like I, admittedly, often used to do.
Without any synthetic fragrances, the serum has a very natural, earthy smell. I think the Hydrating one smells a bit like chamomile, which I love. I’m really not a fan of heavily scented products, so this is perfect for me.
I apply 2 pumps to my freshly-washed face before bed, and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I have been touching my face all week because it is so soft! I’ve even been putting a little bit on my elbows and knees for extra moisture there. For an extra soothing treat, put the bottle of serum in the fridge. When you go to put it on your face, it will be nice and cold- it feels so good on a hot day!
So far, I am really pleased with the results…and I’ve only been using this for a week! I can’t wait to see the cumulative effects of this product. To learn more about these serums, check out the hashtag #AllNaturalStyleSecrets.
To get your own bottle of one of Seventh Generations new skin-boosting serums, click here or make a trip to your local Walgreens.


This Boscia primer does an excellent job of evening out my skin tone and concealing pores. I apply this, let it dry for about 10 minutes, then apply my bareMinerals foundation (this stuff is THE BEST!!) with a big, fluffy brush. The result? A perfect canvas for the rest of my makeup routine


To top off my beauty look, I like to apply a sheer pop of color to my lips. Korres makes some delightful lip butters in bright shades with the most delectable scents. Tarte’s products are a favorite of mine because of their staying power. I feel like a lot of all-natural products lack the heavy pigmentation and staying-power of traditional cosmetics, but Tarte is definitely the exception. This bright pink gloss stays on through morning errands and lunch, and the eyeliner stays on all day long without smudging a bit. I am absolutely crazy about this eyeliner and the brush that comes with it…In a word, amazing.
I do still use other cosmetics that are not “all-natural,” but I am slowly incorporating more and more natural products into my routine, swapping out the non-natural ones.
What are you favorite all-natural beauty products?
*I received a free sample of the Seventh Generation Hydrating Serum from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Mary Finley
    August 30, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    This is a great post, thanks for the tips. This past summer I started using all natural sunscreen and decided that I only want to use all natural beauty products from now on! It makes my skin feel so much healthier. Thanks for sharing.

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