BA STAR Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow

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I have a condition called “chronic eye shadow creasing” (that’s a clinical term, obviously). I wake up, get ready, put on my makeup which seems to look okay in the mirror…then I walk out the door and BAM! there’s eye shadow creasing everywhere, or most of the eye shadow just wears off completely, leaving me looking bare, pale, and sad.

Naturally, I was so excited when BA Star sent me some of their Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow. It’s a super long-wearing shadow that consists of two parts: a primer “glue” to help the shadow stick, and the actual pigment.

This would have been the perfect product to have back in my days as a cheerleader. Believe it or not, there was a significant portion of my life when I was a cheerleader, and not just a cheerleader. I was one of those cheerleaders: one of those that lived, ate, drank, breathed, and slept cheerleading. One of those that subscribed to some “American Spirit Fingers Cheerleader” magazine*. One of those that wanted to go to Hawaii Pacific University for the sole reason that their cheer squad did well at Nationals every single year. One of those that wholeheartedly believed in the curse of dropping the spirit stick and could recite every line of “Bring It On.” (It’s a cheerocracy! You’re being a cheer-tator.) One of those that would zealously argue with anybody who suggested that cheerleading wasn’t a “real sport.”
I cheered on both school and competitive teams, and when it came time for games, performances, and competitions, we wore big bows on the tops of our heads and serious glitter on our eyelids. Back in the day when I was a cheerleader, the eye glitter we used didn’t come with glue, so you ran the risk of getting glitter into your eye, all over your body, all over the car, and pretty much any other surface you touched. It wore off quickly and made a huge mess.  But this stuff? This is good. This product has such staying power that it would have stayed on through the sweat, tears, and spirit fingers.
One of my competitive cheer squads practicing for an upcoming competition, circa 8th grade.

The great thing about this product is that, while it definitely appeals to athletes, it also has a very wearable quality that appeals to women looking for a long-wearing everyday product. I applied the glue and pigment as directed, and I experienced no creasing, no fading, no nothing AT ALL. When I went to take my makeup off before bed, the eye shadow looked just as pigmented, smooth, and fresh as it did when I put it on that morning. The product is also extremely buildable, making it perfect for creating a sultry smoky eye. This has easily become my favorite eye shadow in my makeup bag.

BA STAR is offering 50% off for Sugar and Chiffon readers with code BBDUST so you can try out this long-lasting shadow for yourself. The discount code expires on September 30.  The shadow comes in several different colors and has a very affordable price point, ringing in at $8.75 before the discount. To view more colors or to order some shadow for yourself, visit the BA STAR website.

*I really can’t remember the actual name, but I definitely subscribed to some cheerleader magazine for a good three-plus years of my life.

*This product was provided to me free of charge by BA STAR through Brandbacker for the purposes of review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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