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Two Years

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Sunday marked the second anniversary of Sugar and Chiffon. So much has changed since I started this blog in the law library on a dreary day at the beginning of my second year. Since that day, I got married, graduated law school, took (and hopefully passed) the bar exam. Not only has my personal life changed, but it’s very apparent looking back through my old posts how much my style has changed, and how much I’ve grown in my writing and my ability to talk to others. It literally makes me cringe to look back and read some of those old posts…SO embarrassing!
I was reading an article recently about how alienating the internet can be, how my generation is lonely and incapable of communicating because we are always alone on the internet.
 I have to politely disagree. I’m a very shy person, but this space, my tiny little corner of the internet, has really helped me come out of my shell, meet lots of wonderful people I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten the opportunity to meet, approach people and carry on conversations. It sounds so silly, but I feel like the support I’ve received from writing here, as well as the relationships that have been made (both personal and professional) from this site, have really helped boost my confidence in all aspects of life, and that’s an invaluable benefit I never dreamed I’d get from posting pictures of my outfits on the internet.
Thank you so much for reading, especially when I complained about law school and studying for the bar exam. (But really, thank GOODNESS that’s over.) Thank you for another year of your support, your comments, your tweets and emails. I love this little community here on Sugar and Chiffon, and I can’t wait to watch it grow even more over the next year.

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    Dina's Days
    September 8, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Happy blog anniversary! I feel the same way, after four years I’ve met some incredible people through blogging (including you!) When I look back at my old posts I cringe too, but that’s how you grow!

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