Summer Beauty Favorites

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These are the products I’ve been using on a (mostly) daily basis this summer. I’ve found lots of great new products this season, some of which I love so much it would be criminal not to share.
The Aveeno moisturizer is a perfect light moisturizer for summer. It is SPF 15 and has a bit of shimmer to it, so it gives my skin the perfect hint of a glow while protecting it from the sun. It’s perfect for days when I want to go foundation-free, but I also wear it under my foundation.
The Bare Minerals Concealer is a new find that I will buy again and again. It’s a bit yellow-tinted, so it’s great at concealing under-eye bags- even my monstrous ones! I also use it to highlight all the right places when I highlight & contour my face.
I balance out the highlight by using the Tarte “The Sculptor” Contouring Stick. I’ve read a lot of reviews that say it’s too warm for most skin tones, but it seems to work really well even on my very fair skin. I think the key is lots of blending. I use a super cheap makeup brush, and I just make sure to blend really well with light pressure. Then I blend everything together with my blush and a little of my regular foundation so the bronzer/contour fades into the blush/foundation. I don’t think I’ll be able to use this contour stick in the winter, but for the summer, it’s been perfect for contouring my cheekbones and giving me a hint of a tan.
The Brow Bar to Go and the Super Booster Pen I’ve vlogged about before (see Brow Bar here & Super Booster Pen here), and both are still in heavy rotation in my beauty routine. The Super Booster pen seriously whitens my teeth SO well, and it requires basically no effort. I just brush it on my teeth before bed, then brush it off in the morning when I brush my teeth like usual. (And it doesn’t cause sensitivity!)
The Gerard Cosmetics Butter Cream lip gloss is a new color the company just released. The color is a beautiful light pink, great for days when you want something subtle just to enhance your natural lip color. You can see my general review of Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses here.
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You can also get a 2-pack of the Super Booster pen for $20 (reg $39 & cheaper than the single pen!!) with code SUGAR20
Suave Keratin Dry Shampoo / Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend Wave & Shine Hair Mist (available in stores) / It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Hair Treatment Plus Keratin
This Suave Dry Shampoo rivals cult favorite Batiste, and it only costs a fraction of the price. It has a great smell, blends into my hair really well, and, if I can find it on sale, only costs around $2.50 a bottle.
The Bath and Body hair spray is another new favorite. The Endless Weekend scent is amazing. I like to use it on my natural waves because it enhances the wave without drying out my hair or making it crunchy like most wave sprays do. It is not salt-based, so your hair doesn’t get all dried out like it can with a salt spray. It also doubles as a shine spray, so I like to use it even when I’m wearing my hair straight. Spray it on damp hair to enhance curls; spray it on dry hair to enhance shine.
The It’s a 10 Leave-In plus Keratin is the best leave-in conditioner I’ve ever tried. Ever since I dyed my hair blonde last summer, my hair has been a tangle-prone mess. This leave-in conditioner leaves my hair soft and silky, and, when used with the Tangle Teezer brush pictured below, it takes the tangles right out.
I recently finished off a bottle of Wen cleansing conditioner, which I absolutely loved. However, with as long as my hair is, I can go through an entire bottle of Wen in about two weeks. Spending $30+ every two weeks on shampoo is something I do not absolutely love, so I sought out a cheaper alternative. This Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner is the same idea- no sulfates/cleans the hair without stripping natural oils. It’s worked really well for me, though I think Wen smells better.
The Conair Pin Twirls are THE best bobby pins for top knots. You don’t even need a ponytail holder- just twist hair into a bun, then spin a pin in from the top, then spin a pin in from the bottom (without touching the first pin), and you’re good to go! I always add the third one across the top of the bun for extra hold because my hair is super long, thick, and heavy. I even like to throw my damp hair up into a bun with these pins and sleep on it so I wake up with lots of body in my hair- just like all those top knot overnight curl tutorials without the risk of creasing your hair with a hair elastic.
The Tangle Teezer Brush has been a life saver for my tangly hair. It gets all the snags out without much effort or pain (thank goodness!).
I tried this sunless tanner brand after Maskcara recommended it on her blog. She is the holy grail of beauty bloggers, so if she recommends it, I will try it! These are by far the best sunless tanners I have ever tried, and they are so affordable!! With both the mousse and the face gel, you apply it, let it set for 4-6 hours (I like to leave it overnight), then wash it off in the morning. IMPORTANT NOTE: When you apply the mousse, it DOES NOT RUB IN. You will be a streaky, super dark hot mess. You will look like you are covered in dirt. You will feel uncomfortably tan, and when your husband/significant other gets home from work and sees the brown gunk smeared across your face, you will feel embarassed. BUT when you wash it off, you will be left with a perfectly even, streak-free, perfect bronze color. Not too light, not too dark. Just perfect.
P.S. Use a tanning mitt or rubber gloves when you apply this stuff. Trust me.
Bath and Body Works Coconut Water Chill Lotion and Shower Gel
This is by far my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. Unfortunately, it’s usually only sold during their semi-annual sale, so I always make sure to stock up when I can find it, either during the sales or at a B&BW outlet.
This lotion/aloe gel combination feels so good on sunburned skin, and it smells incredible. I’ve been using it as a daily moisturizer simply because I love the smell so much. I was introduced to this product through Influenster, but I’ve already purchased two more bottles. Seriously, go to Target right now and smell it. I guarantee you will fall in love and buy it (along with 638 other things you probably don’t need…oh, Target.) 😉
Now it’s your turn! What are your go-to beauty products during warm weather?


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    Samantha Mitchell
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    I need that brow bar to go. I really have a hard time finding the right shade for my eyebrows, and one that matches my hair color!

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    great post!

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