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You Know You’re a Style Blogger if…

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1. You know that the recipe for a perfect Instagram is to include two or more of the following in the same picture:

-Vogue Magazine
-Valentino Rockstuds
-a Celine tote
-Karen Walker sunglasses
-avocado toast
-statement jewelry
-lipstick residue on a Starbucks cup (+5 cliche blogger points if it’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte; +10 if it’s in a red cup)
-peonies (+5 if they’re pink)

food photos

2. You always photograph your food, and your family stares in amusement every time you contort your body to make sure the lighting is just right. And then they get annoyed when you finally take the photo and they discover all their food is cold.


3. You just LOVE fall.


4. And J.Crew.


5.You’ve ever used the words/phrases Nords, Nordies, arm party, blogiversary, workin’ for a Birkin, shopping is my cardio, pop of color, juxtaposition. (photo)


6. GOMI is your worst nightmare. Well, that and a bad hair day. Or a fat day.


7. You’ve ever experienced that awkward feeling when passers-by gawk as you’re taking outfit photos in the street. Hello, people- photographing my clothes is my JOB.


8. You acknowledge that J.Crew and Nordstrom are higher-end versions of the Target Black Hole: You walk in with the intention of “just browsing” or getting “one specific thing” and you walk out with a bag full of stuff and an empty bank account.


9. You are thankful that your IG followers don’t know how much time you spent staging that plate of macarons and bouquet of peonies. (photo via Design Darling)

nail polish

10. Your nail polish collection is better stocked than your pantry.


11. You never leave home without your trusty DSLR. (photo)


12. Your weekend plans revolve around brunch.


13. You live-tweet your thoughts about the red-carpet looks before award shows.


14. You never pass up an opportunity to photograph your Chanel Boy Bag and the red bottoms of your Louboutins. (photo)


15. You have selfie-worthy hair/makeup at all times. (photo)


16. You have seriously considered buying a selfie stick (or you already have one).(photo)


17. You have mastered the art of perfecting your eyebrows. (Perfect eyebrows via Kensington Way)


18. Your home is filled with all white everything- white bedding, white walls, white kitchen, white furniture…and a lucite ghost chair. (photo)

bar cart
19. You have a beautifully styled bar cart. (photo)

red carpet cape dresses lupita and gweneth

20. You’re always overdressed. (photo)


21. You spend more money on fresh flowers than you do on your rent/mortgage. (photo)

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    Leeanne F
    February 23, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Hahaha I definitely laughed out loud at a couple of these – too true!! Thanks for a laugh on a chilly Monday morning!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

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