Le Tote: Get Your First Box Free

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If you have been wanting to try Le Tote (like me!), today is your lucky day! You can get your first box FREE if you sign up through this link (the promotion ends 7/12/16). Le Tote is a clothing/accessory subscription service that sends you items based on your style preferences (you take a quiz about your style when you sign up). According to their website, Le Tote will recommend a few pieces of clothing and accessories, and then you pick what you want in your tote before it ships. They offer plans for both standard and maternity clothing, and they carry trendy brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Free People, and French Connection.

After 14 days, your card will be charged the $59 subscription fee, so make sure you cancel within 14 days and return your free box if you don’t want to continue receiving the service.


Le Tote is a little different from some of the other clothing/accessory subscription services out there in the sense that it is a rental service. You pay $59/month, and you can get as many deliveries as you want, one at a time. You wear what’s in the box, and, when you’re ready for something new, you return it and Le Tote sends you a new box. It appears as though you can keep each box for as long as you want. If you really love an item you received, you can purchase it at a discount off the retail price.

I have never tried any clothing subscription services before, but I took advantage of this offer and ordered my first Le Tote! Right now, I don’t really plan to continue after the 14 days- $60/month on rental clothing is a little hard for me to stomach when I could buy something for $60 and keep it forever. But you never know…maybe I’ll be blown away by my first delivery! On the other hand, I think it is a brilliant idea for maternity clothing! Since you only need maternity styles for a little while, the idea of renting and getting to switch up your options frequently sounds pretty wonderful to me.

If you want to try Le Tote for free, you can sign up right here. Stay tuned for a review of my first box!


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