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Irresistible Me: Affordable Clip-In Real Hair Extensions

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Guys, I am so excited to share this post with you today. I have finally entered the world of clip-in hair extensions, and they are everything. You clip them in, style them, and -BAM!- instant supermodel hair. They make me feel so glamorous! I seriously wish I had tried them sooner haha.

I’ve been interested in trying them for a couple of years now. So many bloggers seem to wear them, and they make their hair look beautiful. But every time I looked into getting some, I could not believe how expensive they were. Like, $300+ for some hair glued to a clip?! No, thanks!

Enter Irresistible Me. They offer high quality, real hair extensions at much more reasonable prices. You can customize your extensions not only by color (obviously), but also by length and thickness. When they sent me a set of extensions to try, I was so excited to find that the prices were reasonable and the quality was good. Finally, my search for nice, affordable hair extensions was successful!

I opted for the Silky Touch 100% real hair extensions in light brown, 22″ long, 200 grams. The Silky Touch line includes a full head set of clip-ins that are thickest at the root and taper ever so slightly towards the ends for a more natural look. This set comes with so many different clips in different sizes that it is more than enough for your whole head. In these pictures, I’m only wearing about 2/3 of the set. The extensions can be heat styled, washed as needed, cut to better blend in with your natural hair, and even dyed to match your natural color more closely. I didn’t dye these at all; they were a pretty perfect match to my hair color right out of the package.

Color Tip: If you feel like there isn’t a color that’s a perfect match, or if you know you plan to dye the extensions, order them a shade lighter. It’s much easier to darken hair that’s too light than it is to lighten hair that’s too dark!


If you are interested in ordering any extensions and need help picking a color, length, or thickness, feel free to email me ( or contact Irresistible Me customer service for help. It took me over a week to decide what to get because I took the decision very seriously. #priorities

Thank you so much to Irresistible Me for my amazing extensions and for creating a quality product that won’t completely break the bank!


Silky Touch 22″ 200g Clip-In Hair Extensions in Light Brown c/o Irresistible me // Sweater (I LOVE sweaters by this brand!) // Watch // Lips (Cruella) // Glasses


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