How to use Clip-In Hair Extensions for Longer and Fuller Braids

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One of my favorite ways to use my clip-in hair extensions is to make longer, thicker braids. This is the secret to Pinterest-worthy braids! In these pictures, I’m wearing my 22″ Silky Touch clip-ins in light brown, c/o Irresistible Me. My hair is already pretty long and thick, so I only used one piece here.

First, prep your hair for the extensions. Make sure your hair is dry. Brush out any tangles. I also like to apply a little bit of this product to the ends of my hair to add a little shine and help conceal split ends…it smells heavenly! Very gently remove any tangles from the extensions…I clearly skipped this skip haha.

Part your hair where you want to clip in the weft, keeping in mind that the lower your clip it in, the longer the hair will be and the easier the clips will be to conceal.

Clip the extensions into place and tug gently to make sure they’re secure. They are super easy to clip in- they’re just like the barrettes that were all the rage in the 90s.

Remove the top ponytail. Gently run your fingers through your hair to blend the extensions in with your natural hair. If you want to add more than one piece, just keep repeating this process, starting from the bottom of your head and working your way up towards the crown.

Braid as usual! Fishtail braids can be tricky, but this one seriously only took me about 3 minutes. The added length and volume from the extensions not only makes the braid look better, but it also makes the braiding process so much easier.

22″ 200g Hair Extensions c/o Irresistible Me / Sweater (so soft & so warm!) / Watch / Nail Polish



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