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In our family, watches have become synonymous with special occasions. For Cory’s college graduation, his parents bought him a watch. For our wedding, all of the groomsmen got together and bought Cory another gorgeous men’s watch. At first, it was just a joke in our family that Coryย loved watches, but I soon found out his obsession with watches had a much deeper meaning.

When I passed the bar exam, Cory gave me a watch. When I opened it, he said, “Every time I look at my watch to check the time, I’m reminded of a special time in my life, like graduating college or our wedding day. Now, whenever you check the time, you’ll have a reminder of this day and everything you’ve accomplished.” I was blown away by his thoughtfulness.

Now, whenever I look at that watch, not only am I reminded of passing the bar exam and the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever been given; I’m also reminded to pause for a second and think about everything I have to be thankful for, and to not get too swept up in the little stresses of the day.

My new Jord wood watch came at another special time in my life. For one, I just started a new job. But I think the most exciting thing is that we just booked the trip I’ve been dyingย to make since high school…we’re going to Paris!

I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but I actually majored in French in college. We had a trip booked to spend New Years in Paris a few years ago, but we ended up having to cancel the trip due to some unforeseen circumstances. I was devastated. The sweet Expedia customer service agent was so, so kind to me when I called to cancel, probably because I was crying so hard. Ha!

But now we’re really going! I am more than a little rusty with my French speaking skills, and I am a little overwhelmed (in the best way possible) with all the planning of little details (what do we need to do so we have smartphone access while we’re there? A girl needs to Instagram!), but I am so, so excited for this adventure. Now, every time I wear my Jord watch, I’ll have a little reminder of the day my #1 travel dream came true.

Jord Watch c/o / Clutch / Cream Sweater / Nail Polish

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