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14 Weeks

How big is baby? My app says baby is the size of a lemon, but last week it was the size of a peach. I feel like peaches are bigger than lemons so….baby is the size of a really large lemon?

Maternity clothes? Yes, but they are too big. I bought a bunch of these leggings with the full belly panel, but I could honestly wear them as a strapless jumpsuit if I wanted to. Due to the nausea, I can’t stand to have anything tight against my stomach, so normal pants are a no-go. Dresses, over-sized sweaters, and loose belly panel-leggings it is! It’s definitely not the most polished look, but you do what you have to do to deal with 24/7 “morning” sickness. See my favorites at the end of the post!

Sleep? Not great. I never knew I could feel this tired, but I seem to get a second wind every night right about bed time.

Best moment this week? The weekend! Cory and I spent all of Sunday at home, lounging and watching football and the SAG awards. Those are my favorite kind of days. We also figured out that you can order your groceries online at our grocery store, and then you just drive up and they load your car. SO AMAZING, especially since going food shopping is tough for me right now with the queasiness.

Miss anything? I really miss rosé.

Movement? Nope.

Food cravings? I have cried because I’ve been craving in-season, Georgia peaches so badly. Also, yogurt (which I found repulsive pre-pregnancy), chips and queso (which I have always loved), steak, and clementines.

Food aversions? Mayonnaise, turkey, some kinds of cheese. Chocolate has been iffy- some days I can’t stand the thought of it and some days it’s okay, but I still don’t like it like I used to.

Gender? Not sure yet. I can’t wait to find out!

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On, but getting snug.

Mood? Mostly pretty good, but I’ll cry at the drop of a hat, or a slightly sappy commercial, or because I can’t get in-season, Georgia peaches. You know at the beginning of the SAG awards where a few actors talk about how they had always dreamed of becoming an actor and then they say “I’m [so and so], and I’m an actor”? I sobbed.

Any other symptoms? Mostly just fatigue, nausea and headaches. This and these have helped a lot, primarily with the nausea.

Looking forward to? The weekend! The Grammys are on Sunday, and I’m so exited to relax and watch all the red carpet coverage.

Baby Travel

We’ve Got a Secret!


And boy oh boy, was this a tough secret to keep! I think we knew for about 65 minutes before we told Cory’s parents…and we only made it that long because it was Thanksgiving and we wanted to wait until we got to their house so we could tell them in person. It’s just such an exciting thing that it’s hard not to tell the whole world!

We actually didn’t find out until I was already quite a few weeks along. I had been feeling sick for about a week- dizziness, nausea, just overall feeling gross. I thought for sure I just had a virus or something, but Cory said right away “I think you’re pregnant.” Sure enough!

Unfortunately, my symptoms only got worse. I have been sooo sick, y’all. It has been challenging- I’ve cried my fair share of times haha – but I’m also so grateful. We have several close friends and family members who have struggled with infertility, so I know we are so lucky to get to experience pregnancy.

Despite not feeling so well, I decided that I wanted to go ahead with our trip to Paris that we’d had planned since the summer. I had already booked a session with a photographer, so it actually worked out perfectly that we got to turn our “anniversary” photo shoot into a baby announcement shoot! I will say though, it was freezing cold, raining, and insanely windy we when took these photos…and I seriously felt like I was going to be sick at any second, so it was a small miracle that these photos turned out. Our photographer, Odrida from Kiss Me in Paris, was so sweet and easy to work with. I highly recommend her if you’re interested in hiring a photographer in Paris.

Baby Hanawalt is due in July, and we are just so excited. We can’t wait to find out in a few more weeks whether it’s a boy or a girl, but we are seriously struggling to come up with boy names we like, so send me all your suggestions! If it’s a girl, we will be in better shape- we have the name narrowed down to a few choices. My 3-year old nephew thinks we are having twin girls (no twins that we know of!), and he says we should name them Razzy and Bammy. So, I mean, how we can argue with that? 😉

I’m so excited to start planning and decorating a nursery and all the other fun stuff that comes along with this! It’s all so new to me, so it’s a little overwhelming, but in the best way possible, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with y’all!


Heels / Leggings (non-maternity version here) / Coat (sold out from Old Navy; similar here) / Dress (old from Asos; similar here)